F&I Solutions

F&I: Increase your profits while building customer relationships.

We carefully research the third-party products and provide exceptional training to make every service a center of profit for your dealership.


New programs are only profitable if your entire dealership is on board. All Lines training programs have been perfected an dozens of dealerships. Your entire staff will be updated with the newest programs and sales techniques.

In-dealership product knowledge training – If your dealership decides to acquire one of our programs, we will come to your site to conduct training. We involve all departments in training.

Training isn’t a one-time event. We’ll return to help review department and dealership performance and suggest ways to optimize your services for great profitability and performance.

Online: College of Automotive Management – Our exclusive training partner, The College of Automotive Management, is the only accredited college for dealership management. Help your staff achieve their professional goals and reach peak performance.

Courses include:

  • Professional Sales and Phone Training
  • Desking and Negotiations
  • Leasing Structures, Presentations, and Disclosures
  • F&I Product Sales Process and Presentations
  • F&I Administration & Director Training

Classes at remote locations – Sometimes our vendors will conduct training offsite, and you can send your staff to receive training. This gives your employees a better understanding of products and how they can be sold more profitably.


College of Automotive Management

This is the most comprehensive compliance and ethics training of its kind for salespeople, desk managers, and F&I managers, and it includes compliance issues relating to special finance and digital marketing. Our compliance and ethics training includes topics for salespeople and desk managers; these include do-not-call rules, privacy policies, and payment packing, in addition to F&I compliance and ethics training.



Up-to-date menus can make the sales experience a more positive experience for your customer and a more profitable one for your dealership. Our menus simplify selling by combining products and management applications into one centralized platform. Your sales staff is able to provide a more customized and streamlined experience. You enjoy the peace of mind that everything is compliant so you don’t have to sacrifice profitability for compliance.

Reporting Tool

Meaningful analysis of the data.
Get real-time feedback on how the dealership, an employee, or a department is doing during a month, a week, or a single day.

MaximTrak® consolidates data from a variety of systems. You can customize what appears in the dashboard so you only have to deal with the data you want to see. Filter by vehicle sales type, transaction type, dealer group, F&I product sold, date range, or personnel. By having quick, easy access to these specific numbers, you’ll be able to easily identify what’s performing well and where potential opportunities lie.

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